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Professional Bacs Payment Processing Experts

Interbacs is a Bacs approved Solutions Supplier offering Bacs Solutions and Direct Debit and Credit Management Solutions.

  Bacs Approved Bureau

  Bacs Approved Software Supplier

  Bacs Approved Facilities Management Provider

  Over 25 years of team experience

  Flexible solutions to meet your unique requirements

  Professional and accessible customer service

  Competitive Bacs Solution Prices

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Meet the Interbacs Team

With more than 25 years of experience delivering bespoke Bacs solutions and a leading company in financial technology, we pride ourselves in knowing that we can provide the correct solutions at the correct price for companies that work in a range of industries.

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Bacs Approved Direct Debit and Payment Solutions

Interbacs offers some of the best Direct Debit and Direct Credit services available on the market, from our widely renowned Bacs Approved Bureau and Facilities Management service for companies of all sizes, to our secure and user-friendly Bacs Approved software. Our financial payment and collection solutions have been helping companies improve cash flow for over a decade!

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InterPay-Web is a cloud-based payment service launched by Interbacs that simply allows you to access, sign and send your payment files to Bacs.

Direct Debit Online Signup

Interbacs Web solutions are a series of web based modules allowing clients to introduce to their customer facing, internal processing and internal management cycle to improve overall operating efficiency.

Direct Debit Management System (DDMS)

Direct Debit Management System is a fully incorporated database where you can edit, cancel and create new Direct Debits.

Bureau Operations

All the hassle of collections...gone! We offer Bacs Approved Bureau Services services to a range of clients.

Our Clients

Interbacs can facilitate any Bacs and Direct Debit solution you may have in mind, and indeed have implemented fully custom solutions for many businesses. Demands on SME’s are just as great as large organisations when it comes to financial security and efficiency. We are aware that our success depends on the success of our clients and we are pleased to say that all of our clients receive the same level of service whether they turnover £5k or £5 per month. With over 30 years of combined industry knowledge, we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, no matter the size.

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