About us – Innovative, Reliable, Professional Bacs Payment Processing Experts

Interbacs was established by Bacs software developing experts and over the years have attracted further development talents, management expertise and banking expertise to join the team making us a great source of solutions and support for all your Bacs payments processing needs.

The team have over 25 years of experience in Bacs and business payment software delivery and we concentrate our efforts and skills towards delivering the highest quality results in payment and collection solutions.

Our friendly, professional and efficient processing team is always answering your phone calls with a smile and clients are consistently complimenting their professionalism and supportive attitudes throughout.

Grade A software

All the software we produce and sell has been preliminary designed to use by us and our clients. Because we use the software ourselves to run our managed service you can guarantee it’s maintained to the highest standard and extremely robust and secure.


We continually track the latest trends of technologies so you get the best all the time. By being innovative, Interbacs stays ahead of the game offering you state of the art software ensuring accuracy and security.


Reliability is emphasized at all aspects of our work, be it the software, the bureau and facility management work and training/support. By ensuring our products and services reliable at all times, we build stronger client relationships safeguarding our client’s growth aspirations.


We take pride in our reputation of professionalism and strive in every aspects of what we do to achieve the desired professional attitude, approach and work ethics.


As we are in the Bacs payment management, Interbacs team constantly apply ourselves in all the industries we deal with gradually becoming experts in payment solutions in respective industries. Employees are encouraged to learn and apply their expertise in their daily work ultimately passing the benefits onto our clients.


We are flexible in what we offer and always tries to explore new ways of supporting our clients through discussion and pinpointing our client’s real commercial needs.

If you are Interested in what Interbacs could offer your company then speak to one of our sales consultants today by calling 08444 127 180 or emailing: Sales@Interbacs.com, and they will figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements. Or you can also find additional information and updates on our social media pages, LinkedIn, YoutubeTwitter, Facebook and Google+.

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