Accreditations & Affiliations

Bacs Affiliate

Bacs is the governing body for Direct Debit processing in the UK payments industry.

Bacs has recognised Interbacs’ with rewarding us the ‘Affiliate’ status. We are one of the few Payment Processing companies in the UK who have achieved this status. This status means that we have a say in the future of electronic payment processing within the UK. Giving us the opportunity to influence regulatory changes within the industry, making sure our clients and customers benefit.

Bacs accredited Facilities Management provider

We are proud to be one of the first Bacs accredited Facility Management Direct Debit providers. Becoming a Bacs accredited FM Provider has allowed us to provide a much more user-friendly experience for our clients. Providing a Facilities Management service means that we can supply a far more client orientated product, offering day-to-day advice and help regarding payment processing.

This accreditation further demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality Direct Debit service, ensuring positive relationships between us and our clients. 

Bacs Approved Bureau

Interbacs is also a Bac approved Bureau. By granting Interbacs ‘Approved Bureau’ status, Bacs has recognised that our Direct Debit services are committed to exacting industry standards. Furthermore, this status allows customers to feel confident when dealing with our services.

To achieve this, Interbacs had to pass an inspection review covering risk assessment and management.

Bacs Solution Supplier

We are proud to be 1 of 18 Bacs Software providers across the UK. Providing bespoke software for our clients abiding by strict quality standards.

We have offered unique software for clients since 2013, when Bacs approved us as a Software Provider. This service liberates small businesses to be able to grow, whilst having their payment processing managed independently.

FCA Approval

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a governing body of the financial services industry, their authorisation status is a clear sign that they are happy with our level of customer service and competence.

This level of recognition is a great achievement for our team, as it has acknowledged our hard work and perseverance within the industry.

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