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Interbacs – What’s next…?

So, you securely upload a data-file into Interbacs’ InterPay software or our latest Cloud based platform to process your Payroll, Expense or Supplier Payment files through Bacs, or take Direct Debit collections from your customers’ – what’s next?

What we can learn from the recent cyber attacks…

The NHS is the latest company to fall victim to another cyber attack, so here at Interbacs we are releasing this article to offer tips on how you and your company can reduce the risk of being next in line for a vicious attack!

Becoming a Partner of Interbacs

Can I become a Partner of Interbacs? Or do you know someone who would benefit from using an Interbacs solution?

Why Bacs Contingency Planning is Essential

A Contingency Plan is Essential to safeguard your Bacs Payment and Collection Process.

In The Spotlight – Potters Bar Golf Club

In this months “In The Spotlight Article” we spoke to Judy, an administrator at Potters Bar Golf Club, who have been using our InterPay Lite Cloud Software since August 2016.

Have you considered moving to a specialist Bacs supplier?

Over the past 18 months Interbacs have experienced a surge in enquiries from businesses looking to switch suppliers; which makes us question, why now?

FCA Regulations for Golf Clubs

Does a golf club offering members to pay by direct debit for their membership fees need to apply for consumer credit licence consequently FCA registered?

Cloud Software

Have you ever wanted to quickly check your payment files while out and about but never been able to as you only have access from office computers?

Help! What is this Direct Debit appearing on my bank statement?

How do I cancel my Direct Debit? How do I get my money back?

Benefits of having a SUN

In the last article we spoke about what a Service User Number is and gave step by step guides as to whether your company could be eligible to obtain an SUN

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