Is my business large enough to collect payments via Direct Debits?

June 4, 2013

Can I be considered for collecting via Direct Debits?

Yes! Any business which collects payments from their customers for any amount at any interval is suitable for Direct Debit Collections. A lot of SME’s are starting to use our Direct Debit Service and they’re seeing for themselves the benefits of Direct Debit for Business; they realise that engaging Direct Debit facility ensures that customers pay on time and full therefore safeguarding their forecasted cash flow.

As we are the experts in the Direct Debit Solutions enjoying readily assigned Service User Number (pre-requisite for the Direct Debit Origination), it dramatically reduces the set up time. Depending on a company’s requirements we can have you set up and using our Direct Debit Collection Services within just 5 days!

Don’t worry if your bank has declined your application for a service user number! This simply means that Interbacs will need to assign you with one of our SUN’s and process on your behalf. Having Interbacs host your Direct Debit Processing here at our Manchester office can help save you even more time, money and rid of the stress associated with your normal payment collections. We will work together with you to ensure the collections are collected timely and accurately so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

We are one of the leading Direct Debit Companies with over 25 years experience of Direct Debit Management, so speak to one of our consultants today or leave us a call back response. Or you can also find additional information and updates on our social media pages, LinkedIn, YoutubeTwitter, Facebook and Google+.

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