Covid-19 Update (17/03/20)

March 17, 2020

Our plan going forward concerning Coronavirus

In making sure that all of our staff our safe, we will be conducting a test on 18/03/20 to make sure that our team can effectively work from home if needed. Our team will be issued equipment to ensure that they can work independently from out of the office.

With the current advice for individuals that suspect they have the illness to quarantine themselves for two weeks, we have made sure that our services will continue regardless. With the majority of our services being cloud based, this means that we can proceed business as usual.

We will be focusing on more critical processes to ensure the continuity of our services across multiple circumstances, Making sure that even with a reduction in staff Interbacs can still be fully operational.

Although we will not be working directly from the HQ, all of our telephone lines and extensions will be running exactly the same. Ensuring that communication between ourselves and our clients does not falter.

Some of our staff have already needed to initiate self-quarantine as to reduce further risks to our colleagues and the public.

We have robust measures in place to assure that our services stay the same.

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