Direct Debit Management System (DDMS)

What makes this DD software different?

Direct Debit Management System is a fully incorporated database where you can edit, cancel and create new Direct Debits. Being a full direct debit software suite, incorporating many functions as built in features, simply means less manual work, more automation therefore less stress and more work done in time. Data is imported in to the DDMS system for processing and data can also be exported in the required format to integrate with your other systems in the companies.

The DDMS software validates the customer data and bank account details per the Bacs requirement. It allows various payment plans to be created and edited easily. The system also produces meaningful and insightful reports for the management team enabling them to make more informed decisions.

The software is fully configurable so you tell the system what payments to create and collect! The combinations are fairly endless and you can always alter the payments mid plan. The system creates all transactions and deals with the complexity of Direct Debits, credits, their transaction codes, time scales and dates etc. – so you never have to think about it.

Why should I get it?

The direct debit software comes in a variety of different integrated packages so you can be sure to find the right package for you:

Cloud BasedServer BasedBacstel-IP Solution
InterPay DDMS
InterPay Web DDMS

With the Integrated packages you essentially get 2 pieces of software in 1! You are able to have all the benefits of the database alongside having it incorporated into our InterPay Submission software meaning you can prepare a file from DDMS and send it off to Bacs, saving you a lot of time.

DDMS benefits don’t stop there! It also reduces administration costs with its built in features and automated procedures;

  • Automation of the process reduces errors and increase accuracy.
  • Integrated with our InterPay (and InterPay Web) Bacs software ensuring your management of Direct Debit and Submissions work seamlessly to achieve timely and accurate collection.
  • Automated Email facilities (for internal reporting and issuing mandatory notifications to customers).
  • Mail merge and MS word letter features (both individual and mass processes).
  • Importing and actioning DDMS reports (ADDACS, ARUDD, AUDDIS and DDICs).

Imagine you submit over 10,000 direct debits and get a 1% rejection rate. That’s 100 records. DDMS can import the records, suspend, cancel or reactivate them accordingly and trigger an email or letter to go to the relevant person(s) all within a few clicks of buttons. Saving you the time of manually doing it!

  • Error free data entry increases customer confidence and reduces error related resolution costs.
  • All bank account data is validated on entry ensuring the accounts pass the necessary Bacs tests and that they are eligible to take direct debits.
  • The choice of payment dates means greater uptake of the Direct Debit as a payment option, these can be set to suit your organisation or the client.
  • Changes to existing payment date automatically produce an advance notice.

DDMS has revolutionised the Direct Debit Collection to make it an automated process allowing timely and accurate collection. Reconciliation of Direct Debit collection and production of management reports are also other features that help the company to monitor and check their performances.

What solution is right for me

But don’t take our word for it – why not read what some of our existing clients have said about it…

How do I get it?

Call 08444 127 180 and Speak to one of our sales consultants, they will listen to your business needs and provide advice and recommend any products/packages suitable to your requirements. Upon agreeing the terms, we arrange an installation date and book a site visit to set everything up and provide necessary training for your organisation, so that you can start using it with confidence immediately.

During the onsite training, we train you on Bacs rules and regulations, the originators guide, payment types and other important features of the DDMS and paperless direct debit management. We design all paperwork, telephone scripts and anything else as a prerequisite to ensure your Direct Debit Collection process is managed professionally and compliantly with the support of DDMS.

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Speak to one of our sales consultants today by calling 08444 127 180 or emailing They will then figure out what you need to get set up and tailor a package to your budget and requirements. Or you can also find additional information and updates on our social media pages, LinkedIn, YoutubeTwitter, Facebook and Google+.

If you don’t have time to give us a call, why not find out your recommended solution by answering a few simple questions?

What solution is right for me

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