Do you have a SUN?

SUNs, Bacs Service User Numbers or an Originator ID as it is sometimes called, are numbers that are allocated to businesses that wish to make payments using the Bacs solution service. The number is allocated to your business by your sponsoring Bank. This will determine what solution your business can obtain and what is right for you. Find out if you are eligible for a Service User Number.

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Unsure on what is right for you? From new start-ups to multimillion pound organisations, Interbacs are able to determine the perfect solution to suit your company’s needs and wants. Find out what we recommend just through answering a few simple questions.

Alternatively please feel free to call one of our specialists on 08444 127 180 for a chat about our payment services available. Or you can also find additional information and updates on our social media pages, LinkedIn, YoutubeTwitter, Facebook and Google+.


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GDPR Changes

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GDPR Changes   In order to stay compliant with the recent GDPR changes that are coming into effect on the 25th of May 2018 Interbacs are changing the way we send and receive client data. If you are a commercial Bureau or Facilities Management client of Interbacs then you should…

Welcoming the two newest members of the Interbacs Team

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We would like to welcome the two newest members to the Interbacs team! Firstly we would like to welcome Ryan Graham who will be joining the Accounts/Processing team. Ryan impressed at the interview with his previous experience and his keen desire to expand his current knowledge of accounting by undertaking…

Bacs Easter Processing Dates 2018

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Bacs Easter Processing Dates 2018 It’s almost that time of the year to get into the Easter spirit and for us to have extra time off work for the bank holidays! Due to the bank holidays, we have to sort out our customer payments first, So if you are collecting…

Customer Collections

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Are you currently collecting payments via Direct Debit? No? Well why not? In this article we discuss the major benefits for businesses collecting payments via Direct Debit and how it has helped them both financially and none financially. Firstly you have to consider the setup of Direct Debit, can you…