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Sometimes we all need help.

For a Direct Debit Originator, contingency planning is paramount as payment processing will not be accepted from a source unknown to Bacs. We strongly recommend that any organisation processing Direct Debits has a contingency plan in place in case of unforeseen situations.

Lost, stolen or locked out smart cards… Payment staff absent or sick… Internet connectivity loss… Office closed due to fire… Flood or other Act of God…?

Interbacs offers Disaster Recovery solutions for the backup of your data and transmission for the collection of your Direct Debits (and Direct Credits). These can be one off emergency collections (and/or credits) or we can help tailor a contingency solution to meet you company’s individual needs.

    • Link your SUN to our Bureau
    • Scheduled and/or manual backups via FTP
    • Seamless and trouble free data transfer
    • Existing or new clients – easy setup


Not only can we offer you peace of mind with your cash-flow (payment and collection services) but we offer:

  • Bacs Trained processing (and development) staff
  • Full Disaster Recovery planning in place (for our own data and services)
  • Secure 24 hour supported offsite server
  • Latest technologies and encryptions for safe data transfer
  • Constant manned technical support desk
  • Out of hours emergency liaisons

If you think an Interbacs payment solution is for you then why not find out which one is best suited to your needs?


Interbacs are the leading specialist and all our staffs are trained to Bacs approved certification. If your organisation has only started embarking on the Direct Debit journey or feels the needs for a refresh course, why not let us help you?

You don’t need our software to benefit from our training courses, nor do you need a thirty strong accounts team for us to consider coming to you. On-line training is available, simple and affordable. We will endeavour to minimise all the technical jargon and focus on your individual needs as a company and indeed as individuals.

Interbacs Training can be for new and existing customers.

NB: Bacs have stipulated organisations may be subject to annual reviews of their Paperless Direct Debit process and procedures and failure to comply with the Scheme Rules may result in the removal of sponsorship and exclusion from the Direct Debit Scheme. Don’t let this happen by booking an Interbacs Paperless and AUDDIS training course today.

Why regular training is a must…

Direct Debit is your preferred method of collection but are you certain your customer services teams are fully up to date with their Direct Debit knowledge?

  • Are they confident enough to discuss the difference between a Direct Debit and a standing order with a customer?
  • Do they know how the Direct Debit Guarantee works, and can they explain its benefits to a customer who’s not convinced that Direct Debit is the payment method for them?
  • Do they know their ADDACS from their ARUDD?

Incidents like these are why regular training is crucial for all staff who deal in this sector as rules and regulations can change so they need to be up-to-date and equipped if they come under fire from a customer who wants to be reassured that their money will be safe.

It has been proven that customers who have a Direct Debit related problem resolved straight away are five times more positive about the experience than those whose problems remain unresolved.

If you wish to book in a training day or want enquire about our contingency planning then get in touch with one of our team and let us help you to decide which is the best solution for you. Call 08444 127 180 or email

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