The positives of using Direct Debit

June 11, 2013

Direct Debit Facts

Did you know that Direct Debit volumes are predicted to grow to 4.1 Billion by 2015, and that Direct Debits are the most popular method of paying bills with over 75% of the adult UK population having at least 1 Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is one of the easiest and simplest methods to collect payment and in this article we will outline some of the best Direct Debit facts.

Utilising Direct Debit as a payment option will not only allow your customers to pay by using Direct Debits, thus not having to repeat the effort of ensuring payments arriving at your end of the account timely to avoid unnecessary charges, but also more importantly, it reduces your own business’ administration time and cost, allowing better control of your company’s cash flow.

If you feel you would like a helping hand or guidance starting to use Direct Debit as a payment collection method, Interbacs is here to help you. As a leading Direct Debit Solution provider in this niche market for 10 years, we offer a free consultation when we will listen to you and explore your business needs together with you to tailor our service to suit them!

We will also assist your progress every step of the way engaging all communication methods. Ensuring that we are always available to support and guide our customers is one of the reasons why we continue to succeed as a leading Direct Debit Collection Company!

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