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Information on Direct Debits

Direct Debit has been the preferred method of payment by the majority of people in the UK for many years, and the popularity is still growing. With Bacs processing more Direct Debits than ever before you can’t afford to miss out on implementing a Direct Debit solution for your company.

Over the years we have worked with businesses of all sizes to help them grow and develop stronger, more loyal and more sustainable customer bases; all through having Direct Debit as a means of payment.

Direct Debit is recognised as the most convenient and simple way to collect money if it is implemented and managed correctly. Interbacs believe every business no matter how big or small can benefit from the simplicity of Direct Debit and Bacs. With our expertise, resources and vast experience, we can guide you through the minefield of becoming a direct debit originator. If you don’t want to manage the Direct Debit process yourself or if you are unable to obtain originator status (basically – if the banks won’t let you do it), don’t worry, we can still help with our Facilities Management service.

Benefits To Your Customers

  • An easy and convenient method of payment
  • Ensures that payments are on time and helps avoid
  • Late payment fees and charges ensure that they pay on time
  • Greatly helps with budgeting, planning and growth

The Direct Debit Guarantee ensures a refund from their bank in the case of errors.

Brochures and Resources

We are always striving to ensure clients fully understand the solution or service they are using. That’s why here at Interbacs we have created a handful of helpful brochures that underline the basic functions of each one of our products and services. Here are just a few but if you would like to see the full range of brochures we have on offer please click here.

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