SHA-2 - Rolling out the update.

March 3, 2016

For many of our existing customers you may have heard about the new update set to come out on the 13th of June 2016.

SHA-2 Rolling out the update. The time is drawing ever closer for the SHA-2 industry changes to be implemented.

For many of our existing customers you may have heard about the new update set to come out on the 13th of June 2016. The press release from Bacs earlier this year stated that with the internet constantly developing changes had to be made in order to maintain security. The changes that Bacs mentioned are regarding a more sophisticated level of internet security, known as SHA-2. The internet community is moving away from the existing security, called SHA-1, and replacing these with the new SHA-2 certificates.

As a Bacs approve software supplier, we understand that this could be a cause for concern for some Bacstel-IP users including our existing customers, but we wanted to reassure you that this will not affect the usage of our software and nor should you notice any difference whilst using the service.

Interbacs have been aware of this update for some time now and our in house developers have been assisting with Vocalink by submitting feedback on their test service and put plans in place to implement the SHA-2 changes to our software as soon as it is made possible. All of our products are now SHA-2 ready and we are beginning to roll out the update to our existing customers.

We want to reassure all our existing customers again that they will be able to use our software as normal up to the June 13th deadline, and a member of our Bacs trained team will be in touch before the end of April to ensure there is limited disruption going forward.

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