Direct Debit Management System (DDMS)

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Direct Debit Management System

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What makes this DD software different?

Direct Debit Management System (DDMS) makes it easy to edit, cancel and create new Direct Debits. Our software is a full direct debit suite, removing many manual tasks and creating a more automated service.

Data is imported into the DDMS system for processing, this data upon retrieval can be converted into the required format that is most applicable to your companies’ systems.

The DDMS software validates the customer data and bank account details according to Bacs regulations. Allowing payment plans to be created and edited with ease. The software also produces straightforward and easy to read reports so you can make more informed decisions about your business.

It is is highly configurable, you will be able to use it in a way that suits you and your company best.

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Why should I get it?

Our Direct Debit Management software is available in three tiered packages to make automatic payments easier for small, medium and large businesses.

It is integrated with our InterPay Submission software, allowing you to prepare DDMS files to be sent to Bacs in the most time efficient way.

Cloud BasedServer BasedBacstel-IP Solution
InterPay DDMS
InterPay Web DDMS

Benefits of DDMS

DDMS has revolutionised Direct Debit Collection, to make it an automatic process that allows timely and accurate collection. Reconciliation of Direct Debit collection and production of management reports are also features that help your company monitor performance.

  • Automate processes, reduce errors and increase accuracy.
  • Integrate with our InterPay Bacs software, to make Direct Debit and submissions work seamlessly.
  • Automated E-mail facilities to eliminate manual customer notifications.
  • Mail merge and MS word letter features.
  • Importing and actioning DDMS reports (ADDACS, ARUDD, AUDDIS and DDICs).
  • All bank account data is validated ensuring the accounts pass Bacs regulation, ensuring eligibility to receive Direct Debits.
  • Changes to existing payment date automatically produce an advance notice.


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