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Interbacs build functional websites which takes all the details necessary to sign up users to Direct Debit. Where a company wishes to integrate their data with ours, we can accept passed parameters so users do not have to re-key data, eliminating errors.

The parameters accepted are configurable so we define at design time what data is to be passed, we can accept amounts/dates/terms etc. If further data needs to be passed either way this can be discussed with the developers.

Once the data is passed to Interbacs we validate all the necessary data such as the bank account details. We then continue to present the user with a Direct Debit instruction which they can print (as per Bacs rules) and the user gets a confirmation email which can also be copied to the company. The site then returns a parameter to a designated URL to let the calling site know if the user has successfully signed up to Direct Debit.

We ensure the process passes Bacs compliance and is hosted in a secure location. This ensures data is passed between all parties using secure protocols and users know they are connected to a secure website.

The web site is built using .Net technology, the database platform is hosted using SQL Server and there is no direct access to the database so connection strings are not required.

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Integrated Web Solutions

Apart from the aforementioned web based solutions, we also work with your IT development/marketing function to integrate your current choice of software and modules into your existing CRM or accounting packages helping to further improve your operating efficiency and ultimately improve employee productivity and company profitability.


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Find the direct debit payment solution that works for your business

Find Your Ideal Solution

Find the direct debit payment solution that works for your business

Find Your Ideal Solution