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Bacs approved solutions by Interbacs

Interbacs offers market leading Direct Debit and Credit services. As one of the first Bacs Approved Bureaus in the UK, we have a wealth of experience in delivering bespoke payment management solutions for your business. We have a range of products that can help manage your businesses cash-flow from our Bacs Approved Bureau to our Facilities Management service.

Adding new customers to Direct Debit is quick and easy, enabling your company to have a streamlined sign-up process. Have a look here to answer some simple questions so that we can tailor a package that fits your business.

Direct Debit Solutions

Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for most businesses that use subscriptions. It provides a great deal of advantages, including alleviating processing stresses from your team. This allows your business to focus on growth.

Direct Debit solutions greatly improve your businesses cashflow, the reliability will also encourage new sign-ups and customer loyalty. Offering hassle free payment plans for your customers will give you a competitive edge. Furthermore, our paperless solutions ensure your company are as low emission as possible.


  • Effortless sign-up process for you customers.
  • Payments scheduled to be taken at easy recurring dates.
  • Your processing team will have a new tool to maximise their performance.
  • Less administrative work for your business.

Interbacs Bureau service and Facilities Management service remove mundane administrative tasks from the workplace. Our services have often allowed businesses to focus on growth within their respective market. At Interbacs, we are proud to have worked alongside many companies that have grown with our help.

Whether you are just starting your business or you are an established company, we can help ensure that your finances are managed far more efficiently.

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We like to establish lasting relationships with our clients. Every company is assigned an accounts manager who will personally oversee your onboarding process, and make sure that any issues are amended as quickly as possible.

We believe that with strong partnerships, we can grow alongside our Clients.

If you would like to see what we can offer your business, get in contact with us at: or 0161 667 0758

Our Solutions:

Cloud Based BACS Approved BACSTEL-IP Software

BACS Approved BACSTEL-IP Software

We Build Extended Pages On Your Website

All the hassle of Direct Debits is dealt with by our professional team.

Bureau Operations offer outsourced solutions for Direct Debit and Credit Management

Direct Debit Management System is a fully incorporated database where you can edit, cancel and create new Direct Debits.

Interbacs Web solutions are a series of web based modules allowing clients to introduce to their customer facing, internal processing and internal management cycle to improve overall operating efficiency.

InterPay-Web is a cloud-based payment service launched by Interbacs that simply allows you to access, sign and send your payment files to Bacs.

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