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Interbacs offers some of the leading Direct Debit and Direct Credit services available on the market. From our widely renowned Bacs Approved Bureau and Facilities Management service for companies of all sizes to our secure and user-friendly Bacs Approved software. Our financial payment and collection solutions have been helping companies improve cash flow for over a decade!

Whether your business requires a Cloud or Server-based payment solution we have got you covered. With the core code being continuously improved since 2003 you can be sure that our solutions are robust and put through extreme testing over many years.

Signing your customers up to pay via Direct Debit is quick and easy and if you are unsure of what solution is right for you then click the link and answer a few simple questions so we can tailor a package just right for you.

Engaging Direct Debit Services with Interbacs

Direct Debit is the preferred payment method for many of the UK bill paying population because it provides so many advantages.

It can make your organisation’s payment collection more efficient, manageable and more cost effective which is why UK organisations of all sizes choose it as the preferred method for collecting regular payments from both businesses and individuals.

By offering Direct Debit as a payment option you are making both your customers and your life easier by signing a mandate once and leaving the rest of the collection managed by automated systems and professionals. Plus if you choose a Paperless Solution you don’t even have to do that! It greatly improves your business cash flow and encourages new sign-ups and customer loyalty.

Benefits to Your Customers

  • An easy and convenient method of payment
  • Ensures that payments are on time and helps avoid
  • Late payment fees and charges
  • Greatly helps with budgeting
  • The Direct Debit Guarantee ensures a refund from their bank in case of errors

Interbacs’ Managed Bureau and Facility Management services makes your company look more professional and efficient without you having to carry out the mundane and complicated administrative work. At the same time, it ensures that your payments are collected on time and accurately without you have to stress chasing your customers ensuring positive cash flow.

Whether you are just starting out in business or you have been trading for many years (and indeed if you have been collecting Direct Debits) you need look no further. We endeavour to go above and beyond the regular, and through many years of professional Direct Debit services Interbacs have developed expertise to help your particular industry.

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Our client relationship journeys start with offering them professional advice and support helping them set up with bespoke payment and collection solutions. It then follows with continual support, consultations and training at every step of the way fostering a stronger and stronger relationship. We believe strongly in our partnership with our customers to ensure our client’s business growth and ours.

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Other Solutions:

Cloud Based BACS Approved BACSTEL-IP Software

BACS Approved BACSTEL-IP Software

We Build Extended Pages On Your Website

All the hassle of Direct Debits is dealt with by our professional team.

Bureau Operations offer outsourced solutions for Direct Debit and Credit Management

Direct Debit Management System is a fully incorporated database where you can edit, cancel and create new Direct Debits.

Interbacs Web solutions are a series of web based modules allowing clients to introduce to their customer facing, internal processing and internal management cycle to improve overall operating efficiency.

InterPay-Web is a cloud-based payment service launched by Interbacs that simply allows you to access, sign and send your payment files to Bacs.

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