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July 29, 2020

Interbacs can offer affordable solutions to streamline you Direct Debits, have a look to see what we can offer you.

As we grow as a company, many of our clients have flourished and grown with us. Providing solutions for businesses looking to monitor their cash flow more efficiently has allowed us to build a network of successful partners.

Our services have become more necessary during the pandemic, as businesses need us to ensure that their incoming payments are reliable. Furthermore, our software solutions mean that a single individual can maintain control of their cashflow, where previously a hired team would be needed.

”We moved over a couple of years ago, we had some bespoke software made. It is really streamlined and made us far more efficient in our collection processes”

Stephanie Trueman, Lloyd & Whyte.

Check out the good people at Lloyd & Whyte if you have the time!

Taking this step forward with us will make sure that your business will be saving money and time where it was previously processing payments. 

Working together with us will ensure that your businesses finances are managed in a far more efficient format. In doing this, we can make sure you can free up more time to focus on the growth of your business, whilst we take care of your finances.

Take a look at our previous success stories here.

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